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Do You Ever Get Frustrated by Not Achieving Your Goals?

Lots of people struggle in the area of goal setting. I believe this comes from a history of setting a goal and then not achieving it. And the reason THIS happens so frequently is that often it’s a matter of setting the wrong goal.

Regardless of the business you are in, you ultimately generate your income based on volume. This is true for everything. The volume of goods and services that are purchased in the market are how income is derived. The larger the goal the more volume needs to be generated.

Worthy Goals are Going to Be Difficult

No one likes to hear this, but everyone understands this to some degree. The more seasoned you are in business the more deeply you know this to be true. The problem with most goals is that they are essentially Volume Targets. Volume targets come from a certain number of people using your product or service. In network marketing this gets further complicated the bigger the goal.

For example if your goal is to become a top earner in your company, you are only a small portion of the activity that creates the overall volume. The rest of the volume is driven by the efforts of others. As a leader you will be doing all you can to help the team make this happen, but you don’t control the outcomes of their efforts.

Volume Goals are the Wrong Goals?

This may seem weird to you but volume goals, while they are important to have, are the wrong goal to focus on. How can this be?

Because the volume is a result of the choices of others. You cannot directly control this. You can only control your actions. The right goal for everyone in any business, and especially in network marketing, is an activity goal. You can be accountable for the activity you do. And if you do enough of the right activity, then the result goal (volume) can be achieved.

You Can Make Accomplishing the End Volume Goal Predictable

This is the beautiful thing about network marketing and any other type of sales. Provided you have something of value (and all legitimate network marketing companies have higher value products than what’s comparable in stores), if you work the process in the right way, you can predict what will happen. If you present your offer to ten people who want to solve a problem that your offer solves, in general two of those people will be ready to take action.

So if your goal is to sponsor two people (result goal) then you hold yourself accountable to the goal of presenting your offer to ten people. This is a simplification of course but the concept is spot on. The right goal is an activity goal, that you set for yourself and stick to. You create this activity goal based on the result goal you desire, and then you make sure you do the thing that you can control…the activity.

In the video I break this down in a much deeper way and share some of the differences in results based on method of work. It will help you to clearly understand the way to set your goals the right way so you can move forward with confidence.

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