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Are You Trying to Market to Everyone?

There is a difference between prospecting and marketing.

When you are building your business you should prospect everyone that could potentially use your product and opportunity. And since you don’t know until you ask, you should contact everyone and ask if they are open to learning about what you have to offer. That’s just a smart thing to do.

When it comes to marketing it’s an entirely different thing.

Marketing needs to be targeted. An example of marketing might be how you show up on Facebook or how you advertise. It’s a big topic with many applications. Many people in the network marketing and home business arena don’t focus on marketing at all. If you aren’t trying to build a big business there isn’t much need to market. You can accomplish everything you want just by working the process. I built a big business with little to no marketing. In today’s world though, it is smart to learn some marketing basics because of all the available channels you can show up in.

Wouldn’t you want to have people ASKING YOU to learn about what you offer? So hear is a simple fundamental….

If You are Marketing to Everyone, You’re Probably Marketing to No One

Think about it this way. Will the message you are putting out into the market place to attract a millennial be a message that someone approaching retirement would connect with? Not likely.

The great thing about a network marketing opportunity is that it has so many benefits. Just think about the income development aspect. Income is actually NOT the thing people want. People want what the income means for THEM. This is called the benefit of the benefit.

This is the thing you would market. For a millennial it might be a way to get out of college debt and for the person approaching retirement it would be extra money to enjoy their life with or feel more secure. You simply are not going to be able to effectively market these two things in the same message.

You have to target the marketing. This article was simply to give you some awareness. In the video I explain a little deeper. If you would like to discuss your target and niche and marketing approach, feel free to reach out to me.

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