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What is The Thing That is On Your Heart to Do?

Building your home business? Writing a book? Championing a cause? Obviously the list of possibilities is endless.

Now the next question which naturally follows is…are you really doing it? Maybe you’ve started a home business but you are not really taking consistent action. Maybe you started the book, wrote a few pages, and now it sits in a file cabinet collecting dust. Or…maybe you haven’t started at all and the thing on your heart just keeps tugging at you.

It doesn’t tug at you everyday. You have plenty of other things to keep you busy. But every now and then, in your quiet moments….here it comes again. And what do you do? You justify why you can’t really do it right now. You don’t have time, you don’t know how, or you don’t have the resources…

It’s What is Going on in Your Head That is The Real Issue

I know exactly what this feels like. I spent the first half of my life NOT doing the things I felt in my heart to do. Because of my head and all the trash that was floating around in it. It was a long journey to shift this thinking to become aligned with my heart and ultimately to make major positive changes in my life, but maybe I can short cut it for you with these two golden nuggets. The first is…

You Are Enough

Half of the problem that is holding you back is the idea that you aren’t good enough to do the thing. This part comes from looking at others who are succeeding at doing the same thing and pointing out how wonderful they are compared to you. How if you were like them, then you could too. But you’re not like them, so you can’t.

The problem with this thinking is that it is blinded by what is NOW. You didn’t see them when they started on their journey. You didn’t see them when they didn’t appear so polished. You didn’t see them bang their head against the wall and cry, you didn’t see them struggle. Yes, they have their own set of unique abilities and talents and personality that they used to accomplish the thing. But guess what…so do you!!

You’re not supposed to look like them, talk like them, or be like them. You are uniquely you. If something is on your heart to do, you absolutely have what it takes to do it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be tugging at you. The heart is always congruent with our true capabilities. You just have to begin. It’s going to take work to learn what you need to learn, and it’s going to take time for you to develop as a person, but you can do it provided you get the second part of this….

You Are Worth Working On

Man was this a tough one for me. Being someone with zero self-esteem I didn’t feel worthy of anything good. This was a lie for me and it is for you too. You are absolutely worth it. You are on this planet to make the unique contribution that ONLY you can make. Yes, it takes time to turn this around, but you can do it. Think of it this way…what is more valuable than working on you?

Working on you doesn’t just help you show up better in the world, it is the best thing you can do for the people you love. You can make a bigger contribution to them too. You have to work hard on yourself while you work hard at your heart pursuit. Together these will take you where you want to go.

These two nuggets come from the mindset area of The Blueprint Process Digital Training. I spend quite a bit of time on mindset in the first module because I know deeply how much of a factor it is in your future. I hope you found value in this and I encourage you to share it.

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