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Do You Ever Get Confused About Whether to Work Wide or Work Deep in Your Network Marketing Business?

The old adage is you work wide for “show” and you work deep for “dough.”

There is a lot of truth to this…but I take issue with the “show” part of the quote. You don’t work wide just to show how many people you can sponsor…you work wide because it’s SMART and it’s the RIGHT thing to do. You cannot simply sponsor a few people and expect that you will now work deep to build a big business. I know there are lots of marketers that will tell you that you only have to sponsor a few people to succeed in their program.

These people are lying to you and setting you up for failure. The odds of you sponsoring a few people and they end up building a significant business are tiny. That would be luck. I don’t believe in relying on luck. I believe in working a process that you can repeat endlessly to find the right people to grow an organization with. So you will absolutely have to work wide continuously. The bigger question is…

How Deep Should You Work?

However deep it goes. And here is where the issues arise. It is likely that you will have people who are serious about building the business show up below your ability to get paid…especially early in the growth of your business when you haven’t achieved the rank required to get paid real deep. This creates a bit of an emotional quandary for you…after all you only have so much time and now I am telling you to work and support someone you aren’t even getting paid on yet?

Yes. That is exactly what I am telling you. And here’s why. When you are working with someone who is building the business deep in your organization, it is effectively helping everyone in between. By doing this you are actually helping the people in your pay levels and providing a tangible source of inspiration for them. After all, for them to get paid on this depth, they will have to get busy and build. This drives volume up into your pay line.

Depth is where your security in income comes from. Most plans are structured such that if the people in between don’t take action, you will ultimately get paid on the depth anyway as you grow the business. So you will win either way. You will also be fostering a culture where the people in the group know that you are sincere in helping everyone. This is a huge bonus.

The Numbers Are in Your Favor Deep

If you think about human nature and the nature of productivity, you will have about 5% of your business builders who will be the major people in your team. It’s just sensible that the majority of these 5% will NOT be sponsored by you. As the group goes deeper, the law of numbers dictate that most of these people will be in your depth.

You want to be constantly scanning your genealogy to see when these people show up so you can reach down and introduce yourself and help them flourish. It is the smartest thing you can do.

Just be careful not to fall into the trap of spending all your time doing this. You still have to portion your time such that you are building width so that you are increasing the chances that you sponsor one of these people and that more of them will show up higher in your levels.

In this video I give you several more insights into the value of doing this and how to do it. It should help you a lot.

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