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What in the World is “Zero Time?”

“Zero Time” is the time that you already have allocated to something else. Learning how to effectively use this time is like a secret weapon for growing your business. Everyone struggles to juggle all the things they have in their life and this juggle struggle gets more challenging the moment they decide to build a network marketing business. How do you fit something new into an already full life?

To build a successful business you have to be consistent. You just can’t show up every now and then.

“I Worked at My Business Every Now and Then”…Said No Successful Person Ever!

This is where “zero time” can make a huge impact. We all have days where life gets turned upside down. The time we dedicated to working at our business evaporates because of something that comes up that cannot be ignored. Using your “zero time” assures that you still had some productivity even on these days.

“Zero time” can be time when you have to be somewhere and wait. Like taking your kids to ball practice, or sitting in a doctors office (because we all know regardless of what time the appointment is, it’s going to be a lot of waiting!). The biggest place you can access “zero time” is your commute to and from work.

The average American commutes 25 minutes each way. This is typically much longer around the major urban centers as lots of people commute up to an hour or more. This can be time you use to:

  1. Make contacts
  2. Do Personal Development
  3. Train and Sharpen Your Skills

All you have to do is plan appropriately so that you are prepared to use this time wisely. The three things I listed are the three things you have to do consistently to be successful. And you can do them all in your commute time!

In the video, I give you an exact recipe for how to use your morning commute and your evening commute to successfully build your business. This should help you and anyone you choose to share it with a lot.

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