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Do You Ever Struggle with Patience?

I should put a hundred laughing emojis after that question because it’s so ridiculous. Of course you struggle with patience. By nature human beings are a lot of things, but patient is NOT one of those things!! From the moment we are born when we want something we want it NOW!!!

So here’s the first thing you have to be clear about…..you are NEVER going to be patient in general. You are not going to be satisfied/patient with any measure of growth or success. I know this is the ABSOLUTE truth. Even when you have awesome months of growth and great years, you will think you could have grown more or done better.

Of course the more important area of patience is the early part of the work. Building a successful home business or traditional business is a LONG GAME.  Impatience can cause you to quit or have a negative attitude. Both of these do not lead to long term success…so the secret is to…

Embrace Your Impatience Patiently!!!

I call this “patient impatience.” This is not an oxymoron. This is a strategy that works. You already know you will be impatient about your progress. You will be impatient about the growth of your business, you will be impatient about the growth of your skills, and you will be impatient with the process of how people move through your pipeline…and this is just a few of what you will definitely be impatient about.

So go ahead…be impatient about them…but be patient with your self about your impatience.  Understand that there is incredible value in this impatience.

The Value of Your Impatience is…

You care. You are determined. You are constantly thinking of and working on ways to improve. You are not satisfied. Nor should you be. Everyday on this earth is a chance to have a greater and greater impact. Your impatience will drive you to impact more. It will drive your creativity. It will drive your learning…is this enough? I could go on, but you get the picture!

There is ONE BIG thing you have to know about your impatience as it relates to the people in your organization. I share it in the video. It’s super important and if you don’t know it, it can hurt your business so make sure to watch and share if you like.

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