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Do You Find Yourself Dealing With Disappointment on a Regular Basis?

This is a challenge for anyone striving to build a business (of any kind) and anyone in any kind of substantial relationship. In today’s article I’m going to focus on the business aspect. So first, and most important, there is a single cause for all disappointments….the existence of an expectation.

Think about it…

There Can Only Be a Disappointment if There is First an Expectation

If you have no expectation how can you possibly have disappointment? I’m not saying it’s easy to have no expectation, I am simply pointing out the truth of the connection. Since you are going to have expectations no matter what I say, I am going to give you five ways you can manage these expectations. These are in no particular order…

  1. Focus on the Process not the Result- In any type of home business you do not control the result. The customer/prospect controls the result. The only thing you can do is control your actions. Remember, this is mathematics with heart. Results matter, and should be measured so you can make adjustments in the work, but do not focus on them.
  2. Only Compare Yourself to Yourself- Too many people wreck themselves by comparing themselves to other people. This is so unfair to yourself if you do this. Think about it…all you see is what the other person wants you to see. You have no idea what is really going on. You don’t know the back story. You only know enough to make yourself feel lousy because you are looking at their social media highlight reel and wondering why they are doing better than you. Stop doing this. It is pointless and not real.
  3. Expect to Be Bad at it- If you are going to have an expectation, then lets make sure you aren’t disappointed!!! You are going to be bad at anything you do before you can be average at it. And then you are going to have to be average for a while before you get good. True always. Trust the process and keep going…you’ll get better!
  4. Expect Nothing from Anyone Else- It is so classic to sponsor someone and then, either based on what they say, or what you think about them, get all excited that they are going to crush it! And then…they do zip…nada…nil. Here is the thing….believe in everyone’s ability and expect nothing from them. No one is going to build this for you…you go build it and others will join you.
  5. Expect to Struggle- Name me one thing you value that didn’t require some struggle. Go ahead and think about it…I’ll wait:-) Give up? There is nothing. Everything of value requires struggle. You are building a business with incredible fruits in all corners of your life AND a residual style income that allows you to live a totally different life than most people. You better believe it will be a struggle. Expect it. Conquer it.

These five, if you take them to heart, will make your journey FEEL a little easier. They will also help anyone on your team or in your sidelines that you are willing to share with.  This is the truth. I share a bit deeper in the video…

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