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Being a natural introvert, I know what it’s like to feel awkwardly uncomfortable in any social or business situation that involves being in a space with people I don’t know.

I will bet you do too! Extroverts don’t have this issue because they just rock and roll whenever another human being is in their reach. But even extroverts can learn from this article. You see, just because an extrovert can just start talking to anyone, they can easily overpower others and make them uncomfortable if they haven’t learned how to temper their gift of gab, because they can be perceived as egocentric.

People ask me all the time, “how in the world did you build a network marketing business being shy?” or they will say to me “You’re shy? No way!” This is because they see me NOW.

They Didn’t See the Tireless Personal Development and Practice That Went into Making Myself ABLE to Navigate Being With People I Don’t Know.

So for this quick and very powerful people skills lesson, I am giving you the secret as to how to make the other person comfortable while making yourself comfortable, if need be, and beginning the platform for rapport which is how any relationship starts. This is how I went from the guy usually in the corner hanging out at a party or networking event, to being able to mingle and meet people, despite my discomfort.

This will help you in business and it will help you socially and it’s only three simple steps!

Step One is to Smile

A smile says “hey there, I am approachable” and “I am positive.” Now it’s got to be a real smile. You know what I mean? The kind where your eyes smile too? Not the kind of smile that you plaster on your face while you are waiting for someone to take a picture and you are holding your mouth in a smile position for what seems like an eternity!

A genuine warm smile is an attracter. In many cases it will produce a smile back and the other person will start the conversation.

Introduce Yourself

“Hi, I’m Todd” I like to use only my first name if possible as it is less formal and hence more comfortable. And then of course extend my hand for a shake. The physical component adds a lot to this and furthers their remembrance of you, and also denotes confidence even if you don’t feel confident.

Ask a Question

Next thing you do is ask them a question and pay attention. You could ask any number of questions depending on the situation.

What kind of work do you do? Is a good one because people will then start sharing what they do. Which gives you the opportunity to ask the next question.

Are you from the area? This is another one that gives them a chance to share and sets you up for the next question.

The point here, is when you engage in this way, people begin to feel comfortable with you and hence you, even if you are an introvert, begin to feel comfortable with them. If you do this the right way, you can have them wanting to hang out with you more.

I challenge you today to go put yourself in a situation around others and practice what I am teaching here. It will surprise you how easy it is and you will start building confidence right away. Here’s a little more insight on the topic.

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