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It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Offer is if No One Sees It…

This would be true in any kind of business on the planet, so it’s obviously going to be even more true for a home business where no one can really “stumble” into your business. Well at least not physically. Yes, they can stumble into you on social media and the internet, but generally you have to do a lot of hard work for them to do that.

Anyway, regardless of how someone finds out about you and what you do to help people, you still have to educate them on the benefits of your offer. And even better…the benefits of the benefits…but that is for a deeper and different discussion. The number one thing that will attract someone is you and your story and experience. In addition to this, you will be using something to provide deeper information that helps the prospect understand the value of using your product or service, or joining your opportunity.

The Best Way to Provide Information is With a Tool

Very few people can envision themselves being a strong “presenter.” But anyone can tell a story and share a tool. A tool can be a video, an audio, a summary document, a webinar, a conference call, a group meeting, or any other mechanism that “sells the thing.”

Tools are duplicable and leverage time. They allow you to have your information in front of many people at once. It also changes the time equation for you in another way. For example when you share a video, the prospect is the one investing the time to learn as opposed to YOU being the information and using your time. Now to be clear…there is nothing wrong with YOU sharing the information. It just takes time and may be perceived as less duplicable. Here’s what you have to understand…

Your Urgency is NOT Their Urgency

You want them to see it now. You are focused on building your business. But the other person has likely been dealing with the issue they are trying to solve for a long time. Unless they are in immense pain (of any kind), and fed up with dealing with it, they are not urgent about seeing the information.

This is where you have to “frame” the information so that the prospect is hungry to see it. This is known as selling the thing that sells the thing.

You don’t use hype here. Please!!! Just relate the value of the information and how it made an impact on you. The better you get at framing the tool, the quicker people will watch and learn, and the faster the process will move.

In this video, I give you several things to say that will resonate with you. You have to use your words, but you will find several concepts that work very well and will work for you and your team.

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