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Have You Ever Struggled with Doing Your Business Consistently?

The real question should be have you ever wondered why you struggle to be consistent? Because the truth is, that almost everyone has an issue with this. I know I have had issues with this from time to time. There are lots of reasons this happens, from problems with prioritizing, to self-worth issues, to surrendering to instant gratification, and even complacency.

Regardless of what the reason, it stands to reason that inconsistency affects your ability to succeed. You never hear someone say they worked at there business every now and then and then became a big success! The key is to make stopping at all not an option. Of course there are exceptions to this. A major life event can stop you in your tracks because of the emotional and time demands, but in general, we never want to be stopping and starting.

At a Minimum, We Want to Maintain Some Level of Consistent Activity Towards Our Goals….

Even if it is only a tiny level of activity each day. This is for several reasons, both positive and negative. For now, I will share with you some of the deeper things that happen when we stop…

  1. Kills Rhythm- You cannot get into a groove or create a habit through fits and starts. Once you have been consistent with making contacts for even a few weeks, you begin to get comfortable and in a flow. You wipe this out when you stop.
  2. Guilt– This is one of the biggest reasons to never do it. Guilt is an emotion that has no positive upside. It affects all aspects of our life. The negative impact on our attitude seeps into our relationships and our outlook daily. This one alone is worth doing something every day to avoid.
  3. Skills Decline– Skills take a long time to reach the mastery level. Until you get to that point, any period of inactivity will cause them to decline quickly and make starting again feel like starting over.
  4. Scarcity Thinking– If you aren’t moving purposefully forward, you begin to become focused on holding on. This leads to a scarcity and fear based mindset and also affects you elsewhere in life.
  5. Wrong Team Focus– Once you stop prospecting consistently, the same scarcity mentality above hurts the way you see your team. You begin to focus on what people are NOT doing instead of applauding what they are doing. Not appreciating people is a sure way to drive them away.

The Simple Solution…

There is one simple thing you can do that will help considerably. All you have to do when you begin to drift into the stop zone, is do three reach outs first thing in the morning. This will take you no more than 5-10 minutes, and this few minutes of purpose will have a significant impact. It will completely open up possibility thinking for the day and you will feel good because you did something. It will likely lead to some other activity later as well. I know this sounds to easy…because it is…but it works. Try it for the next few weeks and let me know what happens.

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