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If Your Goal is to Build a Long Term Residual Style Income Beyond a Few Hundred Dollars per Month, You Have to Build a Team.

The question then becomes what is the best way for YOU to build a team?

There are two tracks you can use that work if you work them properly. You can work either way solely or you can use a combination. It’s your business and you can build it the way that feels best for you. I am simply going to give you some clarity on how to go about either path and what to expect.

Whichever way you go, the need is great. There is a huge need for an honest way for people to create an extra income. There is also a huge need for quality products and services. So you can build your base either way successfully. It will still be about working with numbers and building relationships. The two paths I will walk you through are The Customer Upgrade and the Direct Business Approach.

The Customer Upgrade

If you are a raving fan of your product/service then this is a natural way to build your base. Focus on enrolling customers first. This method of working has much less, and much softer, rejection. Before I explain the benefit of this approach, I want to be clear about something. One of the biggest mistakes I see customer builders make, is NOT sharing the opportunity with their customers.

The majority of your customers also have a financial need that they are trying to solve. If you don’t share the opportunity with them, it’s very possible (and it happens a lot) that they will be approached with a different opportunity that they say yes to. That’s a hard lesson to learn. Having a great customer join a different company because they never knew about your opportunity? You don’t want to have that happen.

The reason some customer builders are hesitant to talk to their customers is that they have the perception that the customer will be unhappy they are trying to involve them in the opportunity, and thus fear they will lose the customer. If you are using the style of working that I teach in the Blueprint Process Training, this will never be the case. It’s simply a function of approaching them the right way.

Consider this…a satisfied customer is your best opportunity prospect. They already have belief in your product/service, and they already have a trust level with you. It’s only a matter of reaching out to them once they are happy with the product and saying that you would like to make sure they know what is available for them. Let them know you are expanding your business and if they are at all open to earning some extra income, since they already believe in the products, they are the kind of person who does well. And then ask them if they are open to a conversation with the clear understanding there is no pressure here, you are happy to serve them as a customer. Again, the style of approach in the Blueprint works extremely well and I share a bit more on language in the video below.

The Direct Business Approach

The two primary hesitations to this approach are that the rejection is higher(and it is) and that you have to build a customer base, so how will that happen if you are leading with the business.

First off, if you are working the way I teach, the rejection will still be relatively soft, and you will get plenty of people in front of the opportunity. Now for the customer issue…

There are two things to know on this topic. One, your products/service are part of the story of the opportunity. There will be many people who you share the business with who will decline the opportunity but decide to be a customer. The second thing to understand is that your business builders become fantastic customers. They learn all about the products and services and consume them at a higher level in general than the average customer, so your volume per person is actually higher with this approach.

I always preferred to do both until the base of the business was built and then focus completely on the business approach, but as I said before, this is your business and you should build it the way you like to build. In the video I get deeper into both of these paths, I believe you will get even more value from it.

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