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Do You Want to Do Better in Life?

Then here is a very important thing I have learned as I’ve gotten older…

None of us really know very much. Sure we have knowledge and experience, and there are some topics we know more about than others in general. For example, in my case, I know a lot more about how to succeed in home business than most people. And it’s taken me 29 years of going to the school of hard knocks to know what I know…and I learn new stuff all the time!

But in the big picture? We all know very little. Think about it for a second…we have no idea what will actually happen in the next five minutes in life. We have an idea of what we think will happen, but we can’t really know.

Here are Three Powerful Things That Happen for Us When We Understand There is Much We Don’t Know…

We Remain Open-Minded– Open-mindedness is crucial in today’s world of constant change. I cannot even conceive how anyone can be closed-minded. A closed mind is a staging area for disaster. It used to be that if you continued to think what you’ve always thought, you would get what you’ve always got. That is completely untrue now. If you stay in the same thinking, you will be less and less effective as a human being (this does not apply to fundamental behaviors and principles of success and relationships…because fundamentals and principles don’t change….the tools to help us apply them and to what we can apply them change rapidly and constantly.).

We Become Less Fearful– If we don’t really know what’s going to happen next, what is the point of fearing the unknown? Being frozen in place by fear of the unknown is a huge life limiter and is mostly irrelevant. You don’t know if staying the same is any safer than taking a step.  What you do know for certain is that you always regret the things you didn’t do…

We Remain Humble– Humility is a magical trait. It is wonderfully attractive. None of us, regardless of our standing in life, is any better than anyone else. We are all unique and different. We may all excel in various things and have our own strengths, but that does not make us a better person than anyone else. When you have humility you have respect for others.

These three powerful gifts all come from the deep understanding that we don’t remotely know it all, and ironically this understanding helps us learn, grow, and succeed at a higher level.

I share a few more insights in the video. I hope you enjoy it.

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