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How Would You Like Your One-on One Presentations to Be Massively Effective Almost Every time?

Maybe you are thinking why almost? Why not EVERY time?

Because some people are just…..and you don’t control that. But you CAN do this incredibly simple and super effective thing. But first, let me address a HUGE MISTAKE a lot of people make.

A lot of people are so anxious to tell the prospect all about their offer, that they jump right into a presentation. Or they do a little small talk, and then jump into a presentation. Will this work? Sure it will with the right prospect. But it is only a fraction as effective as what I am giving you here.

You see the problem with jumping into the presentation is that it is then all about you. This keeps the resistance high in your prospect. Their thinking “okay here comes the pitch.” Not to mention you better be really skilled to be effective. It puts a lot of pressure on you and them. Here is the BIG news….

Your Prospect is Not Meeting With You so They Can See Your Presentation.

They are meeting with you so they can solve a problem or accomplish a desire. It is completely about them…not you. They don’t care at all about what you have to say until they believe you understand THEM and what is important to them.

I became a top recruiter (I prefer the word sponsor but sponsorer isn’t really a word) and the past 25 years I never used presentation materials in a one-on-one until someone asked to see certain things. And what I did, and do, is easy and the best thing you could do.

In the Blueprint Process Training I teach all about how to tell your story the most effective way…and that is massively important…especially if you ask this question to open the information part of your meeting….

“Why Are You Open?”

This type of question (in your own words), and I give multiple examples in the video, is the single most important thing you can do and will change everything. Done well, with true listening, this will lead to multiple things happening that are all REALLY GOOD. Your prospect will affirm their need, they will feel listened to, they will begin to trust you, they will begin to feel understood, and there’s more.

Know this certainty…until someone believes you understand them fully…you are just a salesperson to them. Once they know you understand them you are trusted problem solver. There is much more on this in the video…it is simply too deep to address in a blog without a few thousand words!

I encourage you to watch the video to fill in the rest and if you want all of your team to become mega effective with their prospects, you might want to share this with them.

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