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With Few Exceptions, Success in the Long Run is Directly Connected to Excellence in Follow Up

I have no idea who said it but it is absolutely true that the “fortune is in the follow up.” I know it has been the main thing for me and most of the people I know in any type of business who have had staying power.

Yet, many people struggle with follow up. They have the same types of fears that are present in the prospecting phase, so they neglect it and hope people will get back to them. Occasionally someone will be so ready to purchase or get started that they will call you, but that is not how it goes normally.

In general people need multiple touches and exposures in all things before they are ready to take a step. How can you have multiple exposures if you don’t follow up? You can’t…

In the Video I Share my Life Preserver Analogy…

Which underscores the importance of follow up. How can you know who to pull aboard if you don’t check to see who grabbed the life preserver? I go real deep into follow up in the Blueprint Process Training (which is the best value digital training I know of in the entire industry) but for this article I’m going to give you three huge mindset nuggets to help you embrace following up.

Know You are Doing Them a Favor– Imagine you are in the water in the middle of the ocean and someone throws you a life preserver. You would be happy about it wouldn’t you? But then imagine that they sail way leaving you in the water. That is sort of what happens if you don’t follow up. The people that could be helped by your offer are still in the water…only now they have awareness that there is the possibility of help. You are doing them a favor when you reach out and pull them in!

It’s Okay if They Say No– Lots of people are not going to want your help. That has to be okay with you…after all, there are a lot of people for you to help. If everyone wanted your help, there wouldn’t be enough time in the day anyway to help them all. So you follow up, nicely, and the ones that don’t want your life preserver, you allow them to stay in the water and go to the next person who wants to be pulled aboard.

It’s a Responsibility– I have a standard rule…if I can help someone than I have a responsibility to do so. If I have thrown out a lifeline, then I have a responsibility to see it through. You can disagree with me…and that is okay with me, but it sure does make following up easy. Once something is a responsibility, it is no longer optional. This perspective helped me to become mega effective in sponsoring and customer acquisition and it will help you too.

I reduced this content quite a bit for the sake of keeping this short yet useful for you, the video dives even deeper.

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