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Do You Ever Have Days When You Just Don’t Feel Like it?

You can apply this to anything…going to the gym, going to your job, doing something for someone you love, and working at your home business.

We all have days and times, when we just DO NOT FEEL LIKE doing….whatever it is that’s important. And the truth is…everything is optional.

We are free to do whatever we choose to do. Certainly if we chose not to go to our job frequently because we didn’t feel like it, there would be consequences. You wouldn’t have the job anymore. But it’s still your choice. It’s still your decision.

I Have More Days When I Don’t Feel Like it Than When I Do

This is a fact of life for me. If I only showed up at the gym, in my relationship, or in my business, when I felt like it…

I would be unhealthy, alone, and broke. My brain wiring is such where I simply don’t feel good more often than not. But I learned a valuable lesson many many years ago that has played a big role in all of my successes in life.

You see, for a long time…roughly the first half of my life…if I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t show up. And guess how that made me feel? You already know this answer. It made me feel worse. I learned that you cannot wait until you feel like it to do the things that matter. I learned that…

Taking Action on the Thing You Know You Should Do Immediately Makes You Feel Better

So I made a simple decision that has changed everything. I decided, that if something was important, I would always show up. If I said I would do something….I would always show up. It seems so simple doesn’t it?

I took the option out of showing up. Regardless of how I felt, or how much I was struggling, failing, falling, messing up…I would show up over and over.

That doesn’t mean I show up like superman everyday, it just means I show up and do the best I can at the time. Some days the result is better than others…but the big point is this…when you decide you will show up everyday, no matter what (unless you are truly so physically ill or their has been a catastrophic event), the accumulative effect over time will be that you succeed.

This is a fact.

I share a lot of other insights in the video…unlike many video’s in blogs, my videos are not simply the blog on video…they are about the same thing, but with many other insights.

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