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If you Look at the Growth Curves of E-commerce and Social Media You Will See An Obvious Correlation.

The growth of social media has continued to drive the growth of ecommerce. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. People are on social media, they are having conversations, recommendations are made, and a few clicks later there is a business transaction. People don’t go to social media with the purpose of buying something…but it sure does happen a lot anyway.

When I talk about why social media is important as a tool to build your business, I’m not even talking about it as the medium to make a sale. I am talking much more basic than that. The marketers who are adept at making sales are at substantially higher level of knowledge and expertise than most people just out to develop a network. You do not have to be tech savvy to use social media affectively…take it from someone who is highly technically challenged!

The Basics are What are Important to Learn for a Number of Reasons…..

Equalizer– The skills learning curve can be steep for a lot of people. Even though I teach such a simple comfortable way for someone to talk to someone, it can still be intimidating to simply make the call. Social media provides an avenue where anyone can start regardless of skill set and be productive by applying the same principles.

Removing The Time Barriers– Since social media is a platform with conversation tools that’s available 24/7, you can engage in activity of connecting and conversing any time of the day or night. The response doesn’t have to be immediate, nor is it expected that it will be. This allows anyone to be productive in the space, whenever they have time to be there. This is not true of talking on the phone.

Removing Geographic Barriers-Through social media you can find and work with people in any part of the world you want and the communication is free. Never before have we had such easy access to distant markets. It’s always been a smart thing to geographically diversify your business, and now anyone can do it.

Your Prospects are on Social Media– It certainly makes sense to be in the same location as your prospects for ease of interaction, but it is important for a few more reasons as well. Your prospects are going to want to know how to use social media in building their business. In addition, other people in your prospect’s circle of influence are in the same industry and are on social media. It’s important for you to be visible in the space and to have some basic understanding of how to use it so you are seen as relevant, or it will be a competitive disadvantage.

Your Team is There-This allows you an easy way to stay in touch and interact with your team. Also, since other marketers are in the space you want to know what your team is being exposed to, and the team will also want to know how to be active and effective on the platforms.

Social media will help you in all corners of the process of building a business. You don’t have to live on it, and you don’t have to be an expert. As a matter of fact, it’s always best to move people to a live conversation as fast as possible and take them out of the space and into the real world!

In the video I share a bit more about the value and importance, and soon I will be releasing my Social Media Basics course in English in case you want some training on the essentials.

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