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How Would You Like to Become a Master at Developing New Contacts, Generating High Quality Referrals, and Gaining More Business?

This approach will work for ANY business. You can grow anything, anywhere, if you are diligent, invest the time, and do this the right way. The first thing to recognize is what YOU bring to the table.

If you are marketing anything, then you are in touch with a lot of people. Regardless of WHAT you are marketing, this already makes you someone who would be valuable for someone else who is conducting business to know, because you will have many interactions among your contact base where someone is looking for a product or service that you don’t provide. Who wouldn’t want to talk to someone who could be a referral source?

The second thing is that while you are someone who is good to know, and you have something good to offer, this is not about you. I know I know I know, you want to do business…and you will, but trust me on this, if you follow this recipe you will. They are going to learn about what you have to offer, but they need to be the star of this conversation, not you. I have taught 8 hour classes on this topic to professionals, so obviously I am only giving you some focused nuggets here, but it’s enough to make a big difference for you.

How You Do It (Condensed Version)

The premise of your contact with this person is that you know they are in business, and you also are in a business where you have access to a lot of people. You would like to get together with them for a cup of coffee (or however else, ie video call), to learn about what they do, get a feel for them, the problems they solve, their ideal client, etc. Let them know that after you learn all about them, you will share a little about your work, ideal client, etc. From there if you are comfortable with each other you can provide referrals as the opportunities arise, if there is potential synergies, you can explore those.

It is simply an introductory cup of coffee. Any good business person welcomes these kinds of scenarios.

When You Meet

You are not there to sell them on your offer. You are there to learn all about them. So here are the primary questions you will want to ask:

How did you end up doing what you are doing? (essentially “tell me your story”)

What do you love about it?

What are the problems you solve? (the benefits of using their product or service)

What is your specialty/niche?

You can ask anything else you’d like, just make sure you ask these four questions.

They will happily share deeply with you, and you will happily listen to them. After they have had a chance to fully share and it’s your turn, you simply share your story. In your story include your points of difference, and why you love it, and how you change people’s lives, and who is the ideal person you serve (be very targeted so that you bring people to mind) . At no point in this conversation do you try to get them to buy or be involved with your offer. If they are interested personally, they will open that door, and if they don’t, you don’t.

If there is someone you can connect this person with, do it immediately.

The worst thing that can happen is that you now have a new contact who is aware of what you do and had a nice experience with you (because you listened intently and showed interest in them) so even if they never send you a referral they will have a positive word about you should your name be brought up in a conversation they are in. The potential positives from this are unlimited.

This is easy and fun and you can quickly expand your reach in any market doing this. In the video I go much deeper than this, and also share a lot that is targeted to building a home business with this concept. If you have questions or want coaching on this, just reach out to me.

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