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Listening is the Single Best Skill Anyone Can Develop for Success in Anything Long Term Involving People.

I recognize that I used the word skill. Not everyone realizes that this is the truth. Many people think hearing and listening are the same thing. It is true that they both involve the ears, but that is where it ends. Hearing is a physical gift. Listening is a way to use your ability to hear, to better understand another human being.

To become a phenomenal listener takes years of practice. Unfortunately, like many of the most important people and life skills, this particular mega skill is not taught as a fundamental in most educational systems and curriculums. I worked hard at developing this skill. Fortunately for me, as a natural introvert, this skill fell into my strength zone. I like to listen to other people. I enjoy investing in learning about them.

This is the Single Skill Can Serve as The Foundation for Building Your Businesses

This is where it gets a bit counter-intuitive for someone in business. There is a tendency to think that the best thing you can do is masterfully tell other people about all the incredible stuff you can do for them, or that your product or service can do for them. And while it is certainly a skill to be able to artfully present to people, the only time this particular skill is remotely more important than listening is if you are a public speaking. Not something most people will ever do, or need to do, in order to be successful.

Nothing builds trust and deepens rapport like truly listening. It shows the other person that you care and that you understand them. I teach a style of one on one meeting that is so simple and effective that most people at first simply cannot believe it could work. Yet, NOTHING is easier to do or more effective for anyone in any business.

And guess what it is? Mostly you asking a few questions and then listening skillfully.

If What You Have to Offer is At All Relevant for The Other Person They Will Be Highly Interested if You’ve Listened First

This article isn’t a training on doing a presentation the most effective way possible, it’s about getting the listening piece right. So I will give you 5 things (there are several more but these five will make a massive difference) to work on that will help you become super effective in your work and in your relationships…

  • Appropriate Body Language
  • Focus Totally on What They are Saying from a Factual and Feelings Perspective
  • Forget Completely About What You Want to Say as They Are Talking
  • Use Acknowledgers and Encouragers Appropriately
  • Ask Clarifying Questions

These five things done well, give you super powers in developing personal and business relationships. If you know what I mean by each one of these then all you have to do is begin applying it. If you want further explanation, I do that in the video.

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