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So…as a kid I had this internal conflict.

I loved to catch Maryland Blue Crabs when they were soft (the picture is in their hard condition). This is a natural part of their growing cycle that happens multiple times per summer. If you can find them and catch them they make the tastiest sandwiches! They’re not very hard to catch once you find them, because their entire body is soft and mushy so they cannot move very fast. But they are not easy to find. They have to hide very well in this time period because the smallest of fish can tear them apart.

So they bury themselves in the mud, hide under rocks and logs, pretty much anything that can provide them with cover, they will use. Often you find the clues that they are around because you find the shell they came out of laying in the water. I loved to do this so much that I would often leave my house at 5:30 in the morning and walk in the water looking for them all day.

The internal conflict came about because…

I have a serious phobia of snakes!!! Those of you who have any phobias know exactly what this feels like. It is intense, irrational (mostly!), and essentially terrifying! The reason this was an issue is because snakes happen to live in the same places I would have to go to find the soft crabs.

Our dreams and goals are somewhat like this. The dream is awesome…we romanticize how amazing it can be to achieve it. All the great things it will mean for our life. How happy and fulfilled it will make us. But then there is the reality. We will have to learn and do things we aren’t doing now. We will have to step and then leap out of our comfort zones. We will have to face fears. It is simply the way life works.

But in life….if you want YOUR soft crabs, you’ll have to face YOUR snakes. This little video gives you a bit more on the idea…

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