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You can’t always see that you are on the right track can you?

Sometimes it feels like you are working hard and nothing seems to be happening. I know how this feels. In 28 years of this work, I have had many times where things just didn’t feel like they were moving. No one was signing up, I was stuck at a rank, the group seemed to be asleep.

First thing to know…this is normal in all businesses.

There are Always Periods Where Things Just Don’t Seem to be Happening

But they are. Growth is not always visible in the moment. In this article I am giving you 7 signs that you are on the right track that have nothing to do with rank advancing or recruiting, but are key indicators that those things will come for you.

  1. You are Dreaming– This means that you see in your mind what is possible. You have some enthusiasm for your dream. Of course, when you are thinking about what is not happening in the moment that clouds the dream and makes you feel bad, but when you turn those thoughts off and focus on the possibility before you…if this is exciting, you are okay.
  2. Appreciation– People you are interacting with, like your team members or customers, express appreciation to you for what you are doing for them.
  3. Fulfillment-You feel fulfilled by the idea of what you are doing for others and the value of your work.
  4. Your Circle of Influence is Expanding– Through your efforts, your contact base is growing. More people are aware of what you are doing. This is a big indicator, especially if you are working in the way I teach, that much fruit is to come in the future.
  5. Your Skills are Growing-This shows up when you start to do and say things that are on target without thinking about it.
  6. You Work Anyway– There are always days when you don’t feel like making contacts, or doing any work for that matter. But if you are showing up anyway, this is phenomenal sign.
  7. No is Irrelevant– You reach the point where you have no emotional investment in someone saying yes or no. You simply move on to the next person.

Take some time and consider these. Even if you don’t have them all at the moment, just having a few of them is an encouraging sign. You can do it. It’s not easy, but you can do it. In the video I share much more deeply on this.

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