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Do you or some of your team like leading with your product to build your business?

Before, I go further, this is not going to be an article about leading with the product versus leading with the business. They both work. No debate necessary.

This is an article about two crucial things you have to do when leading with the product, that while they will help you, are completely about what’s best for your customer. Having been in the business for 29+ years, I can tell you that I have made every possible mistake in the book and a few that aren’t in there! So when I share anything you can bet it will be helpful if you choose to utilize it (I also know I am just one voice and there are lots of ways to get things done:-).

Everything You Do Should Be Focused on What is Best for The Customer

You will rarely go wrong with this mentality.

The first thing you have to do is use your information tools to educate the customer as to the depth of the value of what they are using (this is for someone who is already a customer…you won’t have to do this too much in acquiring the customer because at the acquisition stage they are primarily interested in what the product DOES). Most customers don’t understand the true value. They think that network marketing products are expensive (as compared to the cheap stuff they can buy in stores) because of the pay structure where all these people get paid from their order.

The Customer Doesn’t Think About Where the Money Goes When They Buy the Cheap Stuff in a Store

They don’t realize that when they buy the cheap stuff in a store that many different companies are making money from their purchase. As many as 6-10 companies between all the layers of distribution, the owner of the store, the actual manufacturer, the marketing company, the advertising company, the television networks, and the print companies are all getting paid out of the price of the cheap product. They don’t know that cheap product is mostly air essentially.

I Got This _____ From Walmart and it Changed My Life….Said NOBODY

So you have to educate them. If you don’t, there is a high possibility that they will get a great result with your product and associate that result with the type of product they used instead of your specific product. Which means that they will naturally look to see if they can get it cheaper. Education will greatly reduce this which is good for your retention, because it is the best thing for the customer! Then going elsewhere means they will get an inferior product which means wasted money, and they will no longer get the same level of benefit which has other negative consequences. You have to educate them.

90% of The People Who Become Your Customers Have Some Level of Financial Anxiety

So the second thing you absolutely have to do for them is open the door that their is a possibility for them to earn income if they would like. I know that many of you work through the product because it is more comfortable for you and/or you enjoy it. This is a good thing. In general finding a way you like to work and working the heck out of it is how to succeed. Again, this is all about what is best for the customer. Giving them an understanding of what is available to them is part of this.

A customer is the best lead you will ever have. They already believe in your product and you. They will be open to learning about what is possible if you simply ask them in a nice way if they would like to learn how they could “get their products for less or free” or if you ask them if they ever think about earning more income, or if you just nicely say that you’d like to take a few minutes and share with them all that is actually available to them.

In this video I dive deeper into what happens if you don’t do this and tell you exactly how to do this in the right way. This single training video could be a major breakthrough for you and your team and it absolutely works and is the right thing to do.

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