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How Often Do You Talk to Someone Who Has a Bad Impression of The Home Business Industry?

Guess where that comes from? In some cases it is simply ignorance of the truth, but more often than not, this is a product of bad business practices in the industry that have affected someone’s perspective. To put it simply, it’s environmental.

I love to fish. One of the most important things for all of us fisherman is the environment in which we fish. Good fisherman are respectful and helpful of others in the boat, protective of the natural environment of the fishery, and quick to clean up after others who don’t “get it.”

How Can You Fish Responsibly in Your Home Business?

By following these same three principles.

  1. Help Other’s in Your Boat– Be supportive and encouraging to all the people in the your company. It shouldn’t matter if they are in your team or where they are in the depth of your organization. Helping anyone and fostering this spirit helps everyone.
  2. Take Care of the Environment– Remember that all actions reflect on the entire industry. Be responsible with how you use social media. Use the right behaviors…kindness, honesty, respect, and a servant’s heart in your work. And be a stand up citizen in your local community. All of these factors attract people to want to see why such awesome people are in home business.
  3. Clean Up After Others– When you talk to someone who has been polluted by hype, pressure, or spammy activity, apologize on behalf of the industry. Let them know that it’s unfortunate that they were treated badly and offer them a chance to see the possibility the right way. If they decline, be kind and accepting…this will pave the way for a future encounter because they will remember how you made them FEEL.

This is a big topic and I gave you the very short cliff notes version. The video is much deeper and I hope you will take the time to watch it and share it with others.

We have a wonderful industry that does more good for a human being than most other things I know of. Let’s all work together to help our reputation match the immense value that we bring to people.

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