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The More People That See Your Presentation, The More Success You Will Have.

It’s as simple as this. But I have to add…The PROPER WAY.

It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway because there are a lot of people who don’t understand this yet, sending a video presentation to someone who has not given you permission to do so is NOT the proper way. That’s called spam. And it will hurt your reputation and doesn’t do the rest of the industry any favors either.

Okay, so that’s out of the way. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes so to speak.

Video Presentation Tools are The Single Best Tools You Can Use in Today’s Marketplace.

They don’t even have to be freakishly good to be effective. They just need to have good content and do a decent job of sharing the benefits of your product and/or opportunity. The network marketing business, just like all businesses is based on mathematics. Done properly it’s what I call “Mathematics with Heart.”

Video tools are free to use. So the ability to do the math has no investment capital, simply the time involved to get the permission. There are many benefits to using a video:

-You don’t have to be the presentation so you can be effective from day one regardless of skill or knowledge.

-You can leverage time by having as many of them circulating in the market as you put in the effort to send out.

-They are consistent, never get tired, and anyone can use them.

-They allow for much faster duplication.

-You just have to promote watching the video instead of your product/opportunity.

So What’s the Best Way to Use Them?

There are two basic approaches that are effective.

  1. A short contact where you simply ask if they are open to seeing the video on what you think is awesome and could help them.
  2. A Longer contact where you clearly uncover a need and share some of your story.

In either case, the video will be doing the heavy lifting. The difference in the two is that the first one has less framing. In other words, without the context of your story to have the prospect be looking to see for themselves what you have found for yourself, the video will be a little less effective than the second approach where the person’s emotions may have already been stirred and now they are truly watching for what is in it for them too.

If you use the first approach, I suggest that once the person has said yes they would be open to taking a look, you take the opportunity to frame the video a little by sharing the benefits from your story with them in the message that contains the link. This won’t be as good as hearing you speak about it, but it will frame it better than just sending the link.

The bottom line is that if you can consistently get a number of people to see your presentation per day, you will consistently sponsor people. It is as simple as this.

In the video I give you a little more depth on the front side contact and also give you some things to say when you follow up. It should help you a lot.

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