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Do You Want to Attract the Right People for Your Cause or Business?

Or perhaps you are in my shoes, where your “Cause” and Your work are centered around the same thing. Whether it is or it isn’t, the most important thing to grasp is that people are drawn to people, before anything else.

In leadership, a basic tenet is that people have to buy in to the leader before they will buy into the cause. This is such a fundamental truth that it’s really easy to miss. The marketplace is awash with people shouting from their platforms to join them because of their product or service or opportunity or cause….

But they are forgetting that everything is about people. Products, services, opportunities, and causes amount to nothing, regardless of the value or quality or degree of nobility, without the right people. People who will champion the thing. This only happens if people believe in the people and particularly the leader.

Charisma is Essentially the Ability to be Magnetic

You know this trait because it is a trait that is admired. Often we see others who have it and think “wouldn’t it be great if I had that?” Wouldn’t it be easier to build your business?

The answer is yes, it would be….but you don’t have to wish for charisma. You can cultivate it. I know there is a tendency to push back on this one because charisma is perceived as a natural trait. And it IS true that some people are naturally blessed with this to a higher degree than others. BUT, anyone can purposefully cultivate this trait if they are will to work and live through the right heart.

Before I share the ways to develop this powerful leadership trait, it has to be understood that in general, you have to exhibit kindness, honesty, respect, and a servant’s heart to really make this happen. These are not negotiable.

There are 4 Ways You Can Purposefully Increase Your Level of Charisma

Confident Humility- People are attracted to confidence, but not self-importance. You do this through confidently walking with conviction yet minimizing any perception of self-importance.

Double Optimism- Believe in them. See the potential in people and see the potential in yourself.

Hope-based Encouragement- People need hope and they also need encouragement. Provide these things and people will run through walls if needed.

Authentically Vulnerable- In order for people to be inspired they have to believe it’s possible to grow, and you are the model for this. By being real and vulnerable about your struggles and imperfections you become relatable and attainable.

In the interest of length, I shorted these descriptors. In the video I dig quite a bit deeper and it will help you further.

You can dramatically improve your level of magnetism and begin attracting the people you want to attract to your cause if you will take these four to heart and be purposeful.

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