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It’s Easy To Lose Perspective and Become Discouraged When You Are Pursuing a Meaningful Goal.

Social Media is awash in stories of people that talk about how they used some magic system or program and overnight all their dreams came true.

This does so much harm. For the naïve, it results in getting sucked in by the promise of something for nothing. And for others, it causes them to doubt themselves. After all…their working hard, grinding away, and making very slow progress. Belief that accomplishing a goal of any significance is already pretty low for most people. We have all had that internal dialogue. Can this really happen? Do I have what it takes? Can I really do it?

Here’s something you just have to know…

Most “Over-Night” Success Isn’t!

The vast majority of people who look like they have succeeded overnight and burst on the scene, have toiled long and hard and had many setbacks…some people would call those failures. I don’t call them failures…they are just part of the learning process. The true price of success.

Most of the time, you don’t hear the back story. You just hear about the “magic program.”

My son Brett who is working his tail off to succeed in acting told me a story of Chris Pratt recently. Chris Pratt went from a nobody to a super star seemingly overnight. But was it overnight? The back story, and I may not have the exact details but I have enough, is that he worked at acting for 8 years and got nowhere. He became so discouraged that he quit for two years. But the dream stayed alive in his heart so he went back. Three years later he got a small part in a TV show that was only supposed to be for three episodes. He performed so well, they made him a permanent part of the show and then several years later he became a major movie star.

That is what long term success typically looks like!

Another factor, is the transference of success. Sometimes the person who succeeds quickly has been successful in some way in another field and the transference of their credibility along with their work ethic helps them go much faster than the everyday person who hasn’t done it once yet.

Consider What it Takes to Succeed in Any Self-Motivated Field

Stock-brokers, insurance agents, real estate professionals, financial planners, and any other fields you can think of from small business on up. In these businesses, people work 60 hours a week minimum from day one. In the first year, despite making as many as 300 phone calls per day, most of these people barely make enough money to put food on the table and a roof over their head. In year two they start to make some reasonable income and in year three they start to make a lot of income, and it goes on from there.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers” talks about the 10,000 hour rule. When someone puts a concentrated 10,000 hours into their endeavor that’s when they typically become part of the top earner group in their industry. This is reality.

Now Consider The Part Time Home Business Builder

If you work 10 hours per week, it takes 4 years to effectively work a full year. Do you see where I am going here? Most of the top people in the industry took many years to get there. Can it happen more quickly if you find some of the right people? Yes. If you have a system or product that is positioned perfectly in the market and takes off? Yes. But you don’t stake your success on those things happening.

To Ensure Your Success Over The Long Run…

You have to consistently and persistently work at your business every day like you would anything else. You have to consistently work on yourself and your skills. And you have to embrace that you will have to work through both your learning curve and the limiting conditioning of your path so far in life.

These are the facts. I want you to succeed. Heck, I am dedicating a big chunk of my life to helping you do it. I provide free real training and teaching based on 34 years in business and 29 years in referral and network marketing. I coach and mentor lots of people as well.

But the work still needs to be done. The mentality has to be that you will never stop until you get where you are trying to go. That is the ultimate thing that separates those who make it and those that don’t. There is no magic.

I give you a little more in the video and encourage you to watch it and share this with others.

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