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Guess What Keeps You From Really Turning it On and Accomplishing What You Are Capable of?

How truly comfortable you already are. You might immediately take issue with what I just said. You might think…”Hey Todd, I’m not comfortable!” Then you likely think about all the stuff you aren’t happy with in life….

I get it. BUT…yes, here’s the but….you have it pretty good in reality don’t you? You have a roof over your head, plenty of food, good people in your life, a big TV, technology that allows you access to practically anything in the world….

Even the most uncomfortable of us, still have it way better than EVERYONE had it 100 years ago.

We Live in an Age of Heightened Comfort

And this is a big thing that holds us all back. I’m not pointing a finger at you…I’m pointing a finger at US! In order to accomplish something we haven’t accomplished before, we have to do things that we’ve never done before….

And this means we have to leave our cozy comfort zone. The goals we have, the things we want to achieve…what if we don’t go after them? We still have a pretty good life in general. Of course, we then have to live with KNOWING we didn’t go after what was in our heart…and trust me when I say this…

Not Pursuing Passionately That Which We Know is in Our Heart to Do Will Lead to Regret

And being in a state of regret is a really uncomfortable place to be. This is the point. Our current level of comfort can keep us from engaging in the comparatively small discomfort of striving, learning, and growing that leads to success.

I have a personal philosophy that I operate in business by….if I feel uncomfortable thinking about doing the thing I know I should do, I immediately do it….because I know that this means that the thing is the best thing to do (of course this is based in doing the right thing with integrity…that should go without saying even though I said it anyway!). Remember this the next time you are breaking a sweat thinking about making a certain phone call! Just pick up the phone and MAKE THE CALL.

So go ahead and leave your comfort zone a bit every day, and then after you have taken that step…which will grow your comfort zone in the pursuit….you can kick back in the comfort of your life KNOWING you made progress.

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