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Are You Passionate About Your Products?

If you are then this is likely what you spend your time doing. It’s your sweet spot. It feels natural to share with others and you probably don’t have any problem developing happy customers. Let’s face it. Enthusiasm about what a product has done for you and what it might do for others is way more important than any scientific study or detailed explanation or video. That’s why stories are so impactful…they help someone envision how they might have the same experience.

The question many home business, direct sales, referral and network marketers struggle with is “how can I build a big business and get the word out beyond my own customers?”

Certainly learning to market is a good idea. It takes time and dedication, but anyone can learn to do it. But you still need active strategies that you can work with right now. You just can’t go posting your products on Facebook and expect people to flock to you.

So here are four things that are proven that you can implement.

Direct Approach

A happy customer is the best business prospect. They already have belief in the most important thing. If you simply reach out to them and share with them that you are building a team and expanding your business and would like to talk to them about it, many of them are open to the conversation. Remember, customers ARE the population, so 90% of them would like to have extra income. As long as the approach is kind, comfortable, and without pressure, this can only be positive. Simply follow the way I teach in the Blueprint Process Training and add that “people who love the product do well.”

Ask For Referrals

This is a tried and true formula that many big businesses have used as their primary way to grow. In the video I explain the “Triangle of Trust” concept that will help you clearly understand why this is so effective.

Consistent Customer Community Event

You can do this online or in person depending on the nature of your customer base. These are gatherings where you provide further education and have customers share stories. You are adding more value by doing this and creating a support community and fan base. Encourage your customers to invite friends who might get benefit and over time you will see organic growth from this.

Host an Event

This is another “old-school” proven path. Many huge companies built their entire business using this model. Like the previous idea, this can be done in person or online. It’s a win-win type situation where they host should receive benefit from the success of the event. This is a great way to launch their business, because now you have helped them to create a customer base.

I give you a lot more depth in the video.

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