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What if You Could Dramatically Improve Your Results Over the Next Year in Five Minutes Per Day?

First let me be clear….I don’t mean you only work in your business 5 minutes per day! Let me give you a quick fishing (surprise:-) analogy that will bring home what I mean.

When I fish, whether it’s with a group or by myself, I will fish a spot until I have satisfied myself that if there was a hungry fish in that spot I would have caught it…or perhaps I already did. So at the point when I feel it’s time to go try a new spot, I always then do just one more cast. It’s incredible how many times over my fishing life, that after catching nothing for 20 minutes in a spot, and deciding to leave it, that I catch a fish on that “just one more cast.”

Og Mandino said, in his book The Greatest Salesman in the World…..

“I will make one more attempt to close with a victory”

In your work…what is a victory? In my way of thinking, the victory is making the contact. This is what sets everything in motion. Making the contact is the beginning of the conversation in the process. Because you are working in a nice, honest, and respectful way, every contact you make is furthering your ability to succeed.

A contact increases the awareness of your work, it puts new people in your pipeline, it is actually how you earn your money (you just get paid when you sponsor), it improves your skills, and it teaches you.

You Make Achieving Your Goals Only a Matter of Time When You Consistently Make Contacts

After you have reached your contact goals for the day. Make just one more. This five minutes is huge. Now it may take two minutes or it might take ten, but for the sake of example, let’s just use five. Doing this daily would add about 300 more contacts to your business in a year.

Just from the numbers it would improve your results from a linear perspective. You will sponsor more. BUT, more importantly is the compounding effect of this action. You will compound your results because now more people YOU sponsor might also be making contacts. You will compound your skills because they will used more on a consistent basis. Your confidence will compound as well.

This is a simple, and very real, strategy that can pay big rewards over time. Try this and share it with your team.

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