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If You Have Sponsored Even a Few People Then You Have Already Experienced This…

The excuses.

There are so many of them it’s as if there is a course that people take somewhere in school where they are taught a basket full of excuses that they can pull out at any time to give themselves a justification for not following through.

I have spent more than my fair share of time in my career wondering what I did wrong to cause someone to not do the business. After a while, I finally realized that it rarely had anything to do with me. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m sure there have been people in the past that I actually did do something that gave them an out.

It’s just not often that it really was me. And it won’t be often that it is you either. I’m writing this article to help you understand this sooner than I did because it will save you a lot of second guessing of yourself.

There is Always a Second Funnel.

Signing up to join your opportunity is a result of the activity in the initial funnel. It comes from working the process. The second funnel is the funnel that all your recruits go into. In this funnel, these people sift out to the point where you find the ones that really will build the business. Joining your business and then actually working at the business are two entirely separate decisions.

I took you through two lessons in recent goldmine analogy posts. In this video I take you through an immensely important lesson that will help you big time as you work forward. Now I talk about the people you invite to come over and get some of the gold who do come over.

At first, you are all excited. They are in. They are going to get their share! And then they pick up the shovel. Watch the video to see what happens.

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