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There is No Better Way to Make a Big Leap in Your Progress Than a Short Term Run

In case you aren’t familiar with this concept, a “Run” is a period of time where your activity level is well beyond your normal day to day level. Most everyone who has achieved a significant level of success has made at least a few runs in their career, and this is true for any type of business.

A run can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

I’ve done several in my career, and each time I did, substantial break-throughs were achieved. You might ask why wouldn’t you just keep the run going if it leads to break-throughs? Because the activity level is so high that it’s not sustainable physically, mentally, or emotionally. At least if your life has more to it than your work.

The Break-Throughs are Multi-fold

The most desired aspect of a run is typically a jump in the level of business result. And this is practically assured provided you are working the right way. The business is simply mathematics with heart, so when you drastically increase the numbers, you will correspondingly increase the results. Volume will go up and income will go up. Is it guaranteed? Not 100%. But pretty close. It’s rare that a true run does not yield growth.

If you already have a team of any size, the energy flowing from you when you make a run tends to also inspire your team which can serve to further compound your growth. You can even let them know what you are up to and ask if they would like to run with you. However, if they don’t want to ramp up, don’t make them feel bad that they choose not to play at the same level.

The biggest win from a run in my eyes though, is the increase in your skill level. Even at the end of a 30 day run, you will be substantially more skilled than when you started. A 90 day run totally changes your belief level in yourself because your personal development is so noticeable.

The Keys To The Run

A run is a major commitment. This means that there will need to be some short term SACRIFICES. There are some things you will have to set aside to do this. There is no other way to say this. You will be investing a much higher level of time, so other things that aren’t contributing to your goals don’t have a place in your day to day during the run.

Your daily commitment needs to be centered around contact and presentation goals. Whatever your normal level of these is, during the run you will 3-5x them…maybe even as much as 10x depending on your normal level. This is most important part of the run. During this time, you simply don’t go to bed until you’ve hit the number.

Ideally, you would take one day per week during the run to recharge. You don’t have to, but it’s the best way to do it. I always did. Some people can go 24/7 for 90 days. Most people need at least a once a week break to dive back in full force.

There is a lot more insight in the video. So make sure to take a few minutes and watch it. The last thing I will say…you are worth whatever level of achievement you desire, so you are worth investing in yourself to make the run. Try to remember that when you doubt yourself, and when others doubt you.

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