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Would you like to have a solid leadership platform where people love to work in your team?

Yesterday, I gave you Manchester Consulting’s 5 Biggest Trust Breakers in leadership. They are really important to be aware of so if you didn’t see that video make sure you go back and watch it because it will make a difference in your future. This article is on the other side of the equation. Here I am going to give you some huge trust builders.

Trust is at the core of every relationship you have in your life. It goes hand in hand  with the depth of a relationship. The deeper the trust the better the relationship. You may never have thought of it this way, but if you take a minute and consider randomly 5 relationships you have you will quickly see that the deeper the trust, the more valuable the relationship.

You Cannot Lead Anyone to Anywhere Without Trust.

I know people in the industry who are not trustworthy (all industries have these people and fortunately in general there are way more good people in networking than bad). They are self-absorbed and use and manipulate others. They pretend to be nice when they are not. They act one way with someone to their face and an entirely different way behind their back. Some of them had success for a little while and then crashed and burned. Others are currently in an upswing and have no idea they are headed for a wall. I’ve been in this business for 28 years and have seen this truth play out over and over.

We are in a very transparent age. Being real is the only long term path to building a business. It is impossible to hide poor behavior or wrong motivation very long. You must build deep trust to be a long term leader in the business. If you only care about short term money (which is your prerogative) then this won’t matter as much in the short term, but it will still matter big time in the long term.

The 5 Huge one’s in no particular order are about:

  • Integrity
  • Communicating Vision and Values Openly
  • Showing Respect for All
  • Focusing on Shared Goals or Their Goals
  • Doing the Right Thing

In the video I really break these apart for you and help you get each deep nugget that can make a difference in the leadership relationships you build going forward.

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