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How Would You Like to Guarantee that You Become a Person Who is Capable of Succeeding?

One of the greatest leaders in history, Ghandi, said “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve the world’s problems.”

This is a powerful and very applicable truth. So why don’t we all do what we are truly capable of doing? The answer is actually clear.

Most People Have No Idea What They are Capable of!

This is likely more true today than it was in Ghandi’s time because in general we have it so much easier and better than the generations before us. That doesn’t mean we don’t have struggles…we all struggle…it means our level of struggle is at a much higher quality of life than historically. I’m talking about the developed nations here. The people who have access to a computer to even be reading this article to begin with. We don’t have to worry about survival. We are not faced with trials that test our physical and mental limits on a regular basis. If we choose to be unproductive we won’t starve and we will still live more comfortably than any population in human history.

How Do We Even Start to Understand What We Are Capable of?

There’s two simple answers to this question. The first is to push ourselves beyond our perceived limitations because we will surely discover our misperception about them. The second is to purposefully develop ourselves to uncover our strengths and abilities and discover how to best use the raw material we have each been blessed with. This is the topic of today’s message.

You will never achieve much more long term than what you become as a person. It just won’t typically happen. I know this so deeply to my core because I am a personal example of it. I spent many years trapped in my own perceptions and limiters. Being introverted with low self esteem kept me in a self-imposed prison of the mind. I didn’t believe I was good enough or worthy enough of anything positive.

Through intense personal development over years I changed the course of my life and have gone on to help countless others do the same. All starting with some simple fundamental steps that are easy to take. I call it “learning on purpose.” Even though I have an advanced education, it has meant little in terms of what I have been blessed to accomplish. I’m just a regular guy. Yet my life, especially over the past 20 years, has been extraordinary. And this can be the case for you too.

In this video I talk about the power of reading, listening, and journaling for the purpose of uncovering how truly awesome you can become, and then journeying to become that. Along the way, you will develop whatever size business is in your heart to do and make the unique contribution to this world that only you can make.

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