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I Am a Big Fan of Competing With Self as Opposed to Trying to Be Better Than Someone Else.

This is how I believe in working to build a business. Don’t spend time looking at what other’s are doing. Do what you can do, the best you can do, for as long as you can, each day, and then rest easy and start again the next day. Having said that, there is some merit in understanding what successful people do that leads them to being more successful than others.

Often we think that someone is succeeding because they are more skilled, or more talented, or have more contacts, or maybe even an easier road. That may be true in some cases, but that is not the true secret as to why some people just do better. Here’s a little story for you that brings home the point from my many fishing exploits.

Fishing When Others are Resting

Several years ago I was on my annual fishing trip to Canada with some of my old friends. It was a really hot day and the fishing all morning had been slow. For those of you that don’t fish, that means we weren’t catching anything! We came in for lunch, and then the rest of the guys relaxed in the cool indoors and a few took naps. Their mentality was that it was too hot and the fishing was slow, so they would wait until later in the day to start fishing again.

My mentality was a little different. I wanted to keep fishing because I know that as long as I have a line in the water I have a chance to catch a fish! So I took a cold Canadian beverage and walked out onto a rock ledge near the cottage where I could sit down and fish all by myself on this hot day when the fish weren’t biting. So I sat down on this rock and dropped my bait over the side into the water and within a few minutes I caught a fish. The I did it again and caught another fish. Over the next hour I caught ten really good sized large mouth bass while everyone else was resting.

Did I Have This Great Result Because I was Better Than the Other Guys?

Absolutely not. They could have done the same thing. I got the result because I was fishing and they were not! So how does this relate to you and your business? Very specifically.

You see, the majority of the people focus on doing the minimum that they have to do in a day. They do their 3 contacts and stop because they did their 3 contacts. Even when they could do more. This is the key. Focusing on minimums leads to average results at best. Successful people do a little more.

It doesn’t have to be a lot more, just a little more each day. You get two significant things from doing a little more…let’s say you make one more contact per day than you planned. You get better faster, and your results compound faster because you are talking to more people over a period of time. It’s actually really simple! In this video I give you a few more nuggets on this. Enjoy it and feel free to share.

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