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Do You Want More Results in Your Business?

Regardless of what your product or service is, the key to doing more business is having more people learn about what you have to offer. Assuming that you have something of value that can help people solve a problem, meet a need, or achieve a desired outcome, to improve your results you simply have to talk to more people.

There are lots of ways to cultivate contacts in today’s tech driven world, depending on your skill level. But the essence of a long term business is based on relationships and providing value. Nothing will ever be more effective than a true conversation. All forms of marketing are designed to enhance this process.

Some People Think it’s Old School to Actually Talk to People

And maybe it is…but it’s still the best way to build a solid business. This then begs the question of how do you get more people to talk to you? You ask.

And you ask the right way. People do business with those they like and trust. Given that, the next thing to consider is do they have a need or desire for what you have to offer. In general, the need is great for solutions. Since that is true, and it definitely is, then what would keep someone from talking to you about something that can help them?

How you approach them. In my book The Process (which would help everyone in any business, and particularly in home business), I give great detail on how to simply invite people to learn in the right way. A way that makes them comfortable enough to learn. A way in which there is no pressure. If people feel safe to learn, regardless of what you say, they will likely agree to check out what you have. For today’s purpose I’ll focus on one word that people get wrong that hurts their ability to get appointments or have people review information.

The Wrong Word is “Interested”

This is counterintuitive I know. You want to ask if someone is interested don’t you? But it is an ineffective word in the initial invitation. And here’s why…how can someone be interested in what you have to offer when they don’t know anything about it yet? The only way they can know if they are interested is if they actually learn about it. If you ask someone if they are interested in the beginning, it is easy for them to say no.

The best little word to use is the word “open.” By asking if they are open to learning about something, with no pressure, you are much more likely to have someone say yes to learning. This then provides you the opportunity to share what you have so they can determine if they are interested. Psychologically, people have no problem saying they aren’t interested…but they don’t like to admit they aren’t open.

There’s a lot more I share in the video about how YOU feel when you change this word in your invitation, which is a big deal as well. It’s easy to ask if someone is open, and if they say no, it’s no big deal….when someone says they aren’t interested…this feels different. Make sure you check out the video…it will definitely help you have a deeper understanding, and ultimately help you get more appointments, which will lead to better results.

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