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It’s Ironic That One of The Scariest Activities in Any Sales Business is Actually the Simplest to Master.

But it is absolutely true. In fact there are many people who have achieved massive success in all types of sales oriented businesses, from direct sales, to corporate sales, to network marketing who never became masterful in prospecting, but succeeded just through pure numbers.

So I should probably put in the caveat if you want to master prospecting it’s simple….but you can be effective in prospecting without mastering it.

Prospecting is the first step in the process of sales…looking for people who are open to seeing what you have to offer. It definitely requires way less skill than any other part of the process. And it is a skill that anyone can learn.

The 4 Stages of Mastering Prospecting

There are four stages to learning in everything. You have been walking through these four stages your entire life. Everything you know how to do right now is a result of working your way through the four stages. Here’s how you go through them in prospecting:

Stage 1: In this stage, since you are new, you have no idea what you are doing. You are either excited and essentially “vomit” all over your contacts, or you are terrified and you hesitantly talk to a few people. Either way, you are quickly into stage two.

Stage 2: This is where most people quit. You realize that the work to succeed is not going to be easy. You realize that  a lot of people are going to say NO. You become aware that it IS a skill and you don’t have it yet. You over-think like crazy and try to say the exact right thing.

Stage 3: You understand that you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person or the wrong thing to the right person. You understand that it’s just numbers done nicely….I call this “Mathematics with Heart”….you start to feel more comfortable in the conversation and when you are focused, you find yourself saying some really effective stuff that surprises even you.

Stage 4: You have totally gotten it. You realize it was never about you anyway. You realize that as long as you are nice, honest, and respectful, it’s easy to talk to people. You rarely even think about what to say…it just comes out.

You May Never Love It…

I have been in the field now for over 30 years. I am still an introvert. I am still someone who naturally wrestles with self-confidence. Over the years, I became incredibly skilled. But I still don’t like to prospect.

You may never like prospecting. But you will do it anyway if you want to create a successful business…heck, if you want to create a successful life. I can promise you this…everything you ever do will have parts of it you don’t like. EVERYTHING. In The Blueprint Process Training, I really dig in and teach you exactly how to prospect the right way.

You have to ASK in life or you will get scraps. That’s all prospecting is. I share a lot more in the video so make sure you watch it.

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