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Do You Ever Compare Yourself to Others in The Business?

Of course you do….it’s natural. The question is…How is that working out for you? Probably not very good. The problem is that you tend to compare yourself to the people that you perceive are doing really well…or at least a lot better than you. And how does that make you feel?

Not very good. In live trainings I go into a lot on this topic, but for today’s article I will just take you through some of the basic things you have to know.

Comparing Yourself to Others Makes No Sense

You are not them and they are not you. Typically when we compare ourselves to others we romanticize what we see. And we have no real idea of the whole story. We are not walking in their shoes. The successes we compare to look nothing like what they’ve actually been through. Trust me when I say, who you see now is not who you would have seen years ago when they were struggling to make it happen and working through all their personal challenges and difficulties.

You don’t know the sacrifices they’ve made, the time they invested, the obstacles they dealt with. Sure you may have heard a few…but you don’t know the story. This is why I am not a fan of a lot of the success stories that are held up in big events or on the internet. Because the true back story isn’t revealed…the over night success took a long time to become an “over night success.”

Compare Yourself to Yourself

You are unique. You have your own set of skills, gifts, talents, abilities, experiences, tendencies, and knowledge. In addition you have your own unique set of circumstances and obstacles. How can you possibly compare yourself to someone else and have that be fair? Unless of course you found someone that was your exact double in every way…how likely is that to happen?

Your path is your path. As long as you work the process the right way, consistently, and never quit, you will succeed. We all tend to look at how far we have still to go…instead of looking at how far we’ve come. Your growth is simultaneously one of achieving more and becoming a better version of yourself.

Therefore the only comparison that ever makes any sense is the comparison of yourself today to who you were yesterday or last week or last month or last year.

I go much deeper in the video on this topic. There’s also some excellent insight in the chapter called “Comparative Caution” in my book Leading With Heart.

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