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Do You Want to Be the Best Leader you Can Possibly Be?

I recently met with a sharp young man who had been employed under the same supervisor for the past eight years. In that time he has been given ZERO leadership responsibilities. Yet, in the past year, on the side, this young man had led a thriving program at his church where he is in charge of 110 volunteers. Leading volunteers is the mark of true leadership because people have to want to follow you….

How could his boss miss this? There are lots of possibilities…none of which are flattering to the supervisor. Any time spent with this young man would quickly reveal his potential and his skills. It was very noticeable to me in our conversation. I’m going to give his supervisor the benefit of the doubt, and believe for the sake of this article that he simply lacks this important and vital skill.

So What is This Magical Skill ?

First what it’s not…

It’s not strategy, marketing, budgeting, casting vision, resource allocation, or a myriad of other important things I could name (and having taught leadership in corporate settings for years, in addition to teaching it in the home business and network marketing industry, and doing it myself for over 25 years, I could name many!).

It’s people skills. The stuff they do not teach you in your MBA program or anywhere else in traditional education. The single skill or set of skills that make you most effective in using all these other skills I mentioned to develop thriving organizations. John Maxwell said it very well when he said….

 “You Can Have People Skills and Not be a Good Leader, But You Cannot Be a Good Leader Without People Skills.”

Any leader with maturity knows that the single greatest asset in any business is the people. You can have great products, services, marketing, and any other business necessity you can think of, but with out good people you will end up dead in the water.

Growing People is Your number one job. Grow people and you will grow your business (provided you have something of value to bring to the market). Smart leaders know this and invest in this both for themselves and for the people they lead.

Without these skills you cannot grow trust, Without trust you will never, and I mean never, keep the people you would want to keep in your organization. I touch on quite a bit of these soft skills, which are the hardest to get right, in my Network Marketing Leadership book Leading with Heart.

In this video I dive a little deeper into the topic and provide some valuable insight what these kinds of skills will lead to with the people you lead so you can, as Jim Collins says in his book Good to Great, get the right people into the right seats on the bus!

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