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Life is a Series of Journeys.

Yes, in the big picture it is one journey that starts when you are born and ends when you leave this world. But within this journey is a series of journey’s. Relationship journeys, personal journeys, physical journeys, emotional journeys, spiritual journeys, and others as well.

Building your business is a journey. As in all journeys, there are times when people are with you and times when you walk alone. There will be some people that travel the path for you for a while and then go their own way. Some will travel with you longer than others.

This is Because While You are on Your Journey They too are on Their Own Journey.

And this is where the challenge comes….

We tend to expect people to stay with us on the journey the entire way. When they decide to go their own way, we are then hurt and disappointed. This is because we had an expectation of them. It is not fair for us to have an expectation of them. It is their journey.

People will only stay with you on the journey as long as it is serving their journey. This is fair. And this is TRUE.

Think about it like this. At some age in your life you were doing certain things or not, and you found yourself spending time with people who were doing the same kinds of things. When you decided to do other things, you found that you no longer were spending time with some of the people you previously spent time with. You also found yourself spending time with people who were doing the same new things you were doing. This happens over and over in life.

Along the way, we develop some friends who remain friends even though we don’t journey together in most things. These are the truest of friends, the ones that are there for us in times of need and difficulty and who celebrate our success even though they are not involved in these journeys.

In your business journey, there will be people that are part of your team in the beginning. They will walk with you for a while and then for their reasons they will stop.

You Must Keep Going and be Glad They Were with You for a While.

They played a role in helping you get farther down the path. There will be times when you feel you are walking alone. Take heart. This is normal. You have two choices at this point, you can slow down to go back to those who are not keeping pace with you, or you can continue forward, and find new people up ahead who are willing to go this next leg with you. Along the way, you will find people that travel the entire journey with you, But these are the exception, not the rule.

Be willing to go it alone when you have to, and be thankful to have others with you when you do. This video will give you a few more nuggets on the topic.

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