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The Most Valuable Thing We Have in Life Besides Our Own Well-being is Our Relationships.

The single thing that drives the depth of those relationships we value is trust. The deeper the trust, the stronger the relationship.

If you consider the best relationships you have, you will see that they are the ones where there is the deepest trust. This is true in our personal relationships and our business relationships.

Trust can be a delicate and fickle thing because there are multiple components coming to bear in every interaction we have. Feelings, life experience, history with each other, and many other things drive the lens in which we view each other.

This is why it is so important that we position ourselves, over time, in what I call the sweet spot.

In most every Leadership or personal development workshop I ever conduct I spend time talking about the power of trust, and the role our actions play in it’s development, as well as how our interpersonal skills influence it. It’s pretty cool to see the sudden awareness of the participants as we workshop it. Light bulbs going on all over the room.

Getting into the sweet spot will take some time of course. Trust in general is not developed, to any significant measure, quickly. But that doesn’t really matter as long as we are taking care of our end of the trust issue. This short video will give you exactly what I mean.

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