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Courage is Not the Absence of Fear.

It’s taking a step forward despite the fear. People who are courageous feel fear. They just don’t allow fear to keep them from living their life on their terms.

The challenge with giving in to fear is how much of life gets missed. All of us feel some type of fear frequently. If you aren’t experiencing any fear in your life, then you aren’t doing much. Fear comes in all sizes. There are things where we experience a tiny bit of fear or trepidation, and then there are things that have big fear attached. Fear is also relative and individual based on life experience.

Any time you face a step outside of your comfort zone, which essentially is some unknown, there can be fear. We have to learn to jump in a little blind in life. We will never have complete vision looking into the future. The next minute of your life is unknown to you…but do you fear it? Probably not. So why not take this approach with everything?

Fear and discomfort need to be a daily part of our lives to create a life worth living and full of meaning.

This morning I read an article in the Baltimore Sun about Charlotte Brown. Charlotte is a high school senior in Austin Texas who just finished third in the State in the pole vault. A tremendous accomplishment given how big the state is and how many thousands of young women she competed against. Pole vaulting takes a lot of courage. You have to run full speed and then perfectly place the pole and leverage yourself into the air clearing heights that are way over our heads before falling all the way back to a mat. Charlotte’s medal winning jump was eleven feet and six inches.

Even more impressive when you consider that Charlotte is blind. She cannot see the bar she is vaulting over. She cannot see the place she must place the pole. Can you even fathom the amount of courage it must have taken to even begin to attempt her first pole vault?

She is literally jumping blind. And she has been for years leading up to this point.

Most of us don’t have to jump  nearly this blind into the things which cause us fear. The business venture, the phone call, the decision to make something more of ourselves. Let Charlotte show you the way. Jump in blind, feel the fear and do it anyway.

You rarely regret taking a step, and you usually regret not taking one.
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