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I Can Still Remember the Sweat Pouring Down My Face as I Tried to Lift My 800 Pound Phone….

Even though that was decades ago, the fear was so powerful it is unforgettable! Do you ever struggle with overcoming phone fear? Overcoming phone fear in network marketing is one of the biggest blocks for most people. It always has been and it continues today…in fact it is bigger today than ever because so many people communicate through text, that younger people are less familiar with being effective in real time phone conversations and older generations are out of practice!

What is The Cause of Phone Fear?

In short the issue is wrong focus. You might think that’s a weird thing to say, so let me explain. The five biggest causes of phone fear are:

  1. Worrying about what to say
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Fear of rejection
  4. Fear of criticism
  5. Worrying about what the other person will think of you

How does this relate to wrong focus? Because all of these are about you. You are focused on you in each of these. The key to overcoming phone fear is to turn the focus outward. Here are three simple mindset tips for doing this that I used to go from a scaredy-cat to a master recruiter.

  1. Success is Making the Call– If you have no attachment to the outcome it’s easy to make the call. In network marketing the most important thing is talking to lots of people to find the ones who are ready to take a step forward…not talking to a few people to try to convince them. Making each call is where your success is measured. The more calls you make, the more you will sponsor and find customers. You just have to do the numbers. So attach your success simply to the act of taking the action and then each call is a success. How many successes do you want to have in a day?
  2. You are Calling to Help not Sell– The people you call are looking for solutions. You have a solution. So all you are truly doing is helping them solve a problem. Yes, sales take place. But only because your contact is choosing to help themselves and you are the agent of making that happen!
  3. Possibility Thinking– The five things I listed earlier are all possibilities aren’t they? And so is the possibility that the next call could be the biggest distributor in the history of the company, or that you might help someone dramatically change their life, or they might lead you to a great distributor, or any number of other cool outcomes all of which have to do with what is possible for the other person.

As long as you are being real, nice, honest, respectful, and never pressuring…making phone calls can be and will be fun, and will lead you to success! In the Blueprint Process Training, I teach you everything you need to become a phone master, so make sure you check that out if you haven’t already.

I go much deeper into this topic on the video, so watch it and share with your team because it will really help them.

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