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Because Fundamentals Do Not Change

This morning I am going to spend some time with the staff of a local non-profit organization that exists to serve and develop people of all ages with special needs. I have been invited in to their staff meeting to talk about how to use The Process in their current capital program. They have been working in a space that needs a significant overhaul and it will take a large amount of funds to improve the space to what is needed.

“Isn’t the process what I teach to build a business?” you might ask…Yes it is, and it is a process that works to develop anything because it is simply a short series of steps where the right things are communicated in the right way, such that others have the ability to make a decision to participate or not, without any pressure.

This is How All Things Should Be Done…

People have needs, they have desires, they have goals, and they like to be a part of something worthwhile. As long as what you are doing, or working with, fits in with something that matters to them, it is only a matter of helping them learn and understand what they need to know to decide to participate.

Simplicity, kindness, respect, and  honesty are fundamental to the steps, as well as making a connection of the heart through how you feel about what you are doing.

People want to be around people who care and have true passion and enthusiasm. When they see that you have this about your cause or business, they will naturally be attracted to it, because for many people this is missing most of the time.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish in life, just remember it will be a process of consistent steps…

that you must do consistently until you reach your goal. Its not harder than that technically, the difficulty comes in being patient and enduring through the times when things don’t go as you would like. This is true of anything and everything worthwhile.

Success in most things in life does not go to the most talented…it goes to those who work consistently and endure until they grow and make it.

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