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Do You Want to Make This Your Best Year Yet?

You can. But you will have to accept a few things first and then call on your own personal secret weapon. A secret weapon so powerful that nothing can stop the person who relentlessly uses it.

Let’s start with what you have to accept.

You have to accept that you are a unique and special human being. That you have gifts, talents, abilities, passions, experience, resources, knowledge, and your own perfectly molded personality.

You have to accept that you are on the earth to make the contribution that only you can make. No one else. And to not make this contribution is being ungrateful for your opportunities and blessings.

You have to accept that you can make a difference. You can make an impact. You don’t need to know exactly how it should unfold. You don’t know the size of the impact, nor will you ever see all the ripples you can create and affect.

You Also Have to Accept that Small People Will….

Be negative, disagree, be unsupportive, and selfish. Small people will try to hold you back. Sometimes those small people will be visible and sometimes that small person will be the guy with the dark hat that lives inside of you.

They don’t believe in you. And you don’t need them too. In fact, they serve a purpose. You benefit from these small thinkers. They make you better. They push against you and require you to become stronger. You need to be strong. You need to push past your own limiters and doubts. You need to stretch your capabilities…

You Don’t Know What Your are Capable of…

And you never fully will. But you will discover that it is so much more than what you currently believe. The more you stretch, the bigger you become. A better version of you will emerge. Not a different version. Just a higher version that already exists in you that is waiting for you to grow into it.

And You Will do this Through Your Secret Weapon….

Here’s how I know you can accomplish what you are pursuing. Because you have this magical secret weapon. The same one I have called on for years to go from a small thinking, low belief, tiny version of me to a higher plane. Not remotely where I can go fully yet, like you I am a work in progress. But that’s the point. WORK. IN. PROGRESS.

Your secret weapon? It’s your WILL. The beautiful blend of persistence and perseverance that when called on, and committed to, can make you unstoppable.

Because that is the key. NOT. STOPPING.

This year, you will not stop. You will take a step each day. You will achieve more. You will become more. And you will move farther down the road to the life that is happily waiting for you to embrace it. You will make a difference in the lives of those you touch. You will be a force for good. You WILL.

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