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Do You Ever Struggle With Prospecting?

You would be a rare person if you said no to this question. Prospecting is the most important thing we do in building our business. It is the single driver that leads to all the fruit that comes from this awesome industry. Yet….it’s tough for most everyone.

It was absolutely brutal for me when I started. Being an introvert with no inclination towards sales, having low self-esteem, and being highly sensitive to rejection is not a great recipe for prospecting. But that is exactly where I started. And the truth is that while I worked at it long and hard and became a master in it, I still never fell in love with it.

I did fall in love with the result of doing it though, and I had such a strong desire for freedom I did it despite how I felt about it. I am a classic example of “if your why is big enough, you will figure out the how.”

First Remove the Focus Away from What is in it For You

The first key for me, was shifting my focus to the other person. If I truly believe in what I have to offer, isn’t it my responsibility it share it with someone else? If that is true, then the only reason I wouldn’t prospect someone is that I am too busy thinking about what could happen to me…I could get rejected. So in essence, not prospecting someone who might benefit from your products or opportunity for out of fear, is a selfish perspective isn’t it?

Certainly, I can give you the numbers mentality. That’s really at the center of success. If you ask enough people to dance…you will find someone to dance with you. That is a fact. But there is so much more that actually happens for you and to you when you prospect.

Your Life Gets Better Just From Prospecting

I’m not talking about the end game of actually sponsoring…although that is certainly what happens the more you do it. I am talking about all the benefits you get from the act of prospecting that directly impact your life aside from the potential to build your business. Things like the joy of knowing you gave someone an opportunity to help themselves, the development of your skills, the growth in your confidence that transfers to anything else you do, and the feeling of being alive from putting yourself out there.

There is a lot more that I share in the video. The point is this: Just the act of prospecting can change your life. What if that was your thinking every day? The number one thing you can do to make success inevitable for yourself if prospect. Watch the video and it will help you even more.

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