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Do you realize that you are born with one of the absolutely most important success characteristics…and then you unlearn it?


Yes, I know…I sort of went “huh” when I typed it…but it’s true. You were born with an incredible level of persistence. If you think about it… as an infant…whatever you wanted, you just yelled and screamed until you got it!! When you got old enough to use actual words, you just asked and asked and asked…and a lot of the time, your parents eventually caved in and gave it to you!

And then somewhere along the way, maybe when you were required to become more socially adept at persisting to get something, this persistence muscle started weakening. In many people, the persistence muscle has totally atrophied!!! (Not you of course, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog:-)

Re-Developing Your Persistence Muscles Will Change Your Life

That child that used to ask for a cookie over and over? He/she is still in you…you only have to ask for the cookie in the right way, over and over, and life will gladly give it to you. You KNOW one of the things that all successful people have in common is that they are willing to ASK.

That is all persistence is!

Here are Four Practical and Vital Steps You Can Take to Build Your Persistence that come from Ray Higdon’s Book Vibrational Money Immersion.

  1. You must Have a Definite Purpose and a Burning Desire for it’s Fulfillment.
  2. You must have a definite plan, that you will continuously act on.
  3. You must close off the negative and discouraging influences.
  4. You need one or more people (like a coach, mentor, or mastermind)who will encourage you and help to hold you accountable.

If you are struggling with any or all of these areas, you will have great difficulty moving forward, and I highly suggest you reach out to someone you trust for some coaching. The video is much deeper and I believe will provide a substantial boost in value for you, so make sure you watch it!

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