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If You Are in Any Kind of Sales You Have Experienced the Fear of Making Contacts.

If it is still an issue for you this short article will help you. If it’s no longer an issue for you, then this will simply help you be even more effective at making your contacts.

The first thing to consider is what causes “call reluctance?”

The easy answer is fear, right? Whether it’s fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of what the other person might say, or fear of what someone else might think of you, it is all the same pathway in your mind.

The Fear is Because the Focus in Wrong

What do these fears have in common? They are all about YOU. They represent a self-focus. When we are thinking about ourselves we are going to find lots of possibilities for things to be uncomfortable for us.

So consider this for a second…do you truly believe what you have to offer is of value for someone else? Do you believe it can help them solve a problem or achieve a desire? If you can’t answer yes to those questions then I suggest you look for something else to do! If you can answer yes, and even better if you can emphatically answer YES, then you simply need to shift your mindset.

However someone chooses to respond to your contact and subsequent offer is entirely up to them. However they cannot have an opportunity for you to help them if you don’t ask right?

Think about it this way….each time to reach out to someone you are opening the door for them to help themselves. And if you are someone who operates from a place of serving then you are actually going to help them help themselves.

This means you will have made a positive impact on their life and depending on the degree of the issue they are trying to resolve, it could ultimately be a huge impact. Even more, when someone solves a significant problem to them, they are happier in general and therefor have a more positive impact on those they touch.

Each day I wake up and write these five words down in my planner….

Who Will I Impact Today?

This question is way deeper for me then just doing business. It’s something I keep in mind everywhere I go and with everyone I touch in the course of my daily life. It makes me more conscious of saying a nice thing, or offering a smile, or helping someone out.

In terms of your business, this is what you want to be thinking each time you reach out to someone. Think to yourself, “I could potentially make a major impact in this person’s life and the only price I have to pay is to kindly offer them a chance to learn about how I might do that.”

When you make your contacts completely about the other person with no consideration of what might be in it for you, it totally changes the game.

I know you want to make a sale, or whatever your end result is, but that is just a function of numbers and human nature. Some people are ready to take a step and some aren’t. It’s only your job to make the offer nicely over and over so you can identify who is ready. Those who aren’t?

That is usually no reflection on you if you are being kind. Respect their choice, let them know you will be here if they change their mind, and move on to the next call.

It’s a simple shift, that can change everything for you!

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below and feel free to share with others. If you have a question or there is a topic you’d like me to write on please email me.

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