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You Are About to Do Something and Then The Feeling Starts Creeping in…

Anxiety, butterflies as big as an eagle, your palms get sweaty.

You are clearly afraid. Of something….

Every human being on the planet earth knows this feeling. It is part of our very survival instinct. The problem is…

Most of Us Are Not Facing a Saber Tooth Tiger When We Feel This!

Our modern world of comfort and ease has shifted this feeling to much less dangerous things. Asking someone out on a date or picking up a telephone to call a prospect, certainly doesn’t have the exact depth of fear feeling that seeing a shark’s fin coming at you while swimming might have, but it’s still a powerful emotional response.

Unless we have learned to interpret it properly.

This is why emotional intelligence (EQ) is so much more important than level of intelligence (IQ). When we learn to filter the emotional response properly we can put the feeling into the correct category, so that we don’t run from everything that initiates this feeling.

A 23 Year Example…

I just returned from a wonderful cruise in the Caribbean. This was a trip awarded for production in my nutritional supplement business (my primary income and what has afforded me the ability to live uniquely, and only accept training and coaching opportunities that are the right fit). It is the 22nd consecutive trip I have been blessed with. The last day of the trip marked the 23rd anniversary of the day I had this feeling….

Once I had learned about the values, ethics, and the quality of the business, way back in 1996, I felt like it was a fit for me. As soon as I got to that place….the feeling started. Of course the feeling is also accompanied by the head talk. “Will this work?” “Can I do it?” “What if it doesn’t work?” What if I fail?” “What will me friends say?” Blah blah blah…

But I had already learned THE SECRET…

These thoughts…this feeling…are nothing more than a clear indicator of facing an OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH!

I had already learned in my life that it is going through this feeling that leads to all the good stuff. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Growth in anything…within ourselves or in a pursuit is never easy…it is just WORTH IT!

So I leaned into the feeling. When I felt it…I made the phone call. When I felt it…I stepped out onto the stage. When I felt it…I followed up. When I felt it….I wrote the book. And on and on and on…

How much have you missed in life from stepping back from this feeling instead of stepping through?

Only consider that long enough to acknowledge that you guarantee the failure by stepping back. You assure that the thing you think is causing the feeling…fear of rejection for example…becomes a reality. Fear of rejection means you didn’t get the positive response right?

You can’t get that response without going through the feeling. Sure you might get rejected…but so what, YOU GREW!!!

This is a magical thing to learn. The video has more insight in case you want to check it out.

Remember…Always…when you have the feeling, it means you are standing squarely in front of an opportunity to grow.


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