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There is no way to know exactly what to expect in life. That’s what makes it interesting isn’t it?

So, when it comes to working your business and looking for new people to build your team with, it makes sense that you won’t know exactly what to expect from anyone you talk to. It is important to have some sense of what to expect. And it’s actually an important thing to convey to your new teammates.

Can you imagine how disappointed your new recruit would be if you told them it’s easy to succeed? That all you do is talk to a few people, they sign up and then they get started and duplicate and before you know it you will have a big business. Seems ridiculous to you and me, but you know what? There are lots of people in the industry who do exactly that! They tell people it will be easy just to get them to sign up! That, my friends, ticks me off!

Setting Proper Expectations is Important for You and Your Team

The absolutely best analogy I have ever seen for setting the right expectations is the Parable of the Sower. This biblical story captures the essence of a farmer planting seeds. As you know, I am a big fan of farmers and the lessons they teach us of working a process, being diligent, consistent, and doing what they have to do whether they feel like it or not. Anyone who works the process I teach, with the mentality of a farmer, will ultimately succeed. Regardless of how they work, be it online, offline, or some combination of both.

The Seeds are The Story and They Sprout Your Productivity

The second step of the process is the seed. This is your story and the information about what you have to offer. The most important of course is your story, because it is the thing that connects with others and brings hope. The more you tell your story, aka plant seeds, the more productive you will be in building your business. You know this already, so why am I telling you again?

It’s easy to forget this simple thing because as we are planting our seeds, not every one of them bares fruit. This is where the expectation comes in. ALWAYS remember for yourself and for setting expectations for new teammates, that more seeds don’t produce than do!

And this is okay because it is how it works! BUT, the ones that do produce? Some produce a little and some produce a whole lot.

In this video I give you 8 insights about the seeds. It is a big big big lesson for anyone working the business. The true bottom line is that the more seeds you plant the more successful you’ll be. Yes, how you plant them does matter too, but that is easy to teach. More important is that you plant over and over and over. This is a video you will want to share, because you definitely want your team understanding the truths about the seeds!

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