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How Effective are You in Working Your Business When Facing a Personal Crisis?

Life happens to everyone. We are going along doing what we do, and then BOOM, something major happens. This happens to you, it happens to me, and it happens to the people that are working in your team.

When something significant happens, that has major emotional impact, it’s very difficult to be attentive to very much of anything. Yes, most people will do what they have to do. but they probably won’t do much of what they want to do. Even the things they have to do, like go to their job, they won’t be fully present and therefor will be much less productive. This is reality that I believe you can probably relate to.

I have been in this industry for 30 years. During this time, I have had many different highly emotionally charged circumstances that were simply too big for me to be productive in my work. My brother dying, my wife going through an aggressive cancer, many things my children went through, multiple crisis with my mother, and lots of other things. These kinds of things affect us all on such a deep emotional level that it is hard to summon the emotional energy to work with people.

When You Build a Business You Do Life Together With the People You Serve

Never forget this. When one of what I call the “Eight Major Interrupters” happens to someone in your team, you have to set the business aside. You have to love them through it and be there for them. You will also need to step in and provide support for their team, because they are going to be unable to effectively do it. Recognize, that most of the people this will happen to are still part time. They have a job that they have no choice but to go to, and a household to attend to, and all the other commitments that are part of their life, in addition to this thing they have to deal with that is consuming their emotional energy.

People Produce Volume in Your Business, But THEY are NOT Volume, They are Human Beings with Hearts

I cannot even count the number of times I have witnessed someone get this wrong. Instead of being there for the person, they coldly detach and shame the person for not being productive. They don’t stop for a second and think, what if this was me in this situation? How would I want to be treated? How would I need to be supported?

In this video, I share some deep and important stuff with you. I spell out what the eight interrupters are, and I share a little of my experience. This particular video could end up being one of the most important lessons you’ve ever seen for serving your team in the journey. I hope you take the time to watch it and share it.

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