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How and What You Communicate to People Makes All the Difference in Performance.

This is particularly important for anyone in some measure of leadership.

To be clear, it doesn’t matter if you are a “C-Suite” corporate leader, leading a self-directed sales organization from your home, or leading one person in building a swimming pool. The people in your charge are much more likely to perform at their best if they feel valued.

And this falls on you.

Your words have extreme power. Proverbs 18:21 says “Life and Death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.”

In The Case of Leadership, The Fruit is Loyalty and Productivity.

High productivity does not come from “have to” leadership. It comes from “want-to” leadership. If the people you lead only do what they have to, you will consistently have mediocre performance at best.

Wanting to is an entirely different matter altogether. This comes from how you make those you lead feel. And this is mostly a result of your communication with them.

People Rarely Remember What You Say, But They Will Always Remember How You Made Them Feel.

There are five critical components to communicating in leadership that drive the level of loyalty and desire to work hard. In no particular order these are:

Making Them Feel Valued, Understood, Connected, Involved, and Supported.

This article is specifically about making them feel valued. In fact, all of the others feed this one particular crucial aspect. You have to recognize that the majority of the people you work with do not have a very high opinion of themselves, and subsequently don’t feel they have much value.

Research indicates that 85% of the population struggles with low self-esteem. This is as true for many successful people you know as it is for those who achieve little.

Doesn’t it make sense that ANYONE who makes someone feel better about themselves is going to make a noticeable and memorable impact on them?

When someone makes you feel good about yourself, don’t you like to be in their presence? Don’t you consider what you can do for them? Wouldn’t you be quick to help them out?

People Don’t Usually Leave Companies, They Leave People.

When you treat people well and show them they have value, they will be loyal and are likely to stay with you for a long time. The exception is when they grow and there just isn’t enough opportunity in your organization for them. This is a small percentage. And just paying them more isn’t enough. Money is not a deep intrinsic motivator for most people.

You have two specific areas where you have a direct effect on their self-esteem.

When they do something right and when they do something wrong.

When they do right, you can lift their esteem through praise and recognition. Consider this for a second…are you making a point to catch people doing something right?

When they make a mistake, you have the opportunity to preserve their esteem. It’s critical that THEY are not the mistake. Praise the effort, praise the initiative, then correct then help them correct the error.

I dig a little deeper in the video, so if you have a few minutes give it a look and it will provide even more insight for you as the value of making them feel valued.

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